hello there!

We are Jacob + Tiffany, and we hit the road in our Airstream in early 2018. We set out with the intention of living life more simply, making more memories as a family, and pursuing God more intentionally. We lived on the road for 6 months, and it changed our lives, so though we’ve settled into a house again we’re carrying with us so many lessons from RV life. We love adventure and new challenges. We have three children: Ocea is 4, Cedar is 2, and Taylor, our oldest, is out on his own.

As a family we have spontaneous dance parties, make bad puns (even our 4-year-old joins in on this!), laugh at our own jokes, sing, smile (smiling’s our favorite), and dream about the future.

Cedar's favorites:
Ducks, teddy bear, affection, laughing (I swear he laughs at just about anything), climbing (I swear he climbs just about anything).

Ocea's favorites:
Pandas (especially Scout), learning, crafts, playing outside, pretending, telling jokes, and talking…this girl is always talking

Taylor's favorites:
Working out, eating, laughing, intentionality

Tiffany's favorites: 
The color white, photography, scenery, the outdoors, daydreaming, storytelling (and listening, of course!), Haitian coffee, and essential oils

Jacob's favorites: 
Coffee, Arsenal Football Club, art, theology, writing, exploring, adventure

While on the road, Tiffany sells essential oils here, and Jacob does graphic design here, while the kiddos play and explore everywhere.