Our New Adventure

I (Jacob) made a cross-country move when I was in my twenties. I remember vividly the feeling of stepping into the unknown and the thrill of getting to experience a new city. I was incredibly excited. But this also led me to wonder, What if adventure is blinding me from seeing things realistically? What if there's some obvious red flag I’m overlooking?

I mentioned this concern to a trusted friend of mine, and his response has stuck with me ever since. “If we looked at every negative possibility, we’d never do anything new,” he said. This was not an encouragement to ignore reality, but an observation about excitement, how it helps lead us into new periods of life even though we know things won’t be exactly how we picture them. Yes, there will be challenges, but we can deal with those as they come. Prepare well, but don’t be overcome by every possible problem.

White-picket-fence life has felt like the wilderness, and we hope the wilderness will, at least for a time, feel like home.

Our family is undertaking a new adventure soon, and I’ve come back to this conversation many times as I’ve mulled over the coming changes. We are stepping out in faith, taking a risk, and challenging ourselves in new ways. And we are beyond excited.

We are moving into an Airstream trailer, renting out our house, and hitting the road for a year with our two youngest kids.

This marks a big change for us; we’re essentially moving four people into a space the size of our master bedroom. And while this may seem crazy, we absolutely cannot wait. Suburban life has grown stagnant, with it becoming increasingly difficult to prioritize the things that matter most, and we know we need to shake things up if we want to continue to grow as people. The past year has shown us it’s time for a lifestyle change. White-picket-fence life has felt like the wilderness, and we hope the wilderness will, at least for a time, feel like home. We want this experience to teach us to live more simply, give us some amazing memories as a family, and help us pursue God intentionally as we try to hear His voice.

For years, Tiffany and I have dreamed about renting an RV and living from the road for a couple months, but we viewed it more as a vacation. Over time our dream has grown into something more, and what we’re about to do isn’t extended time off. We will be working, parenting, and paying bills while on the road. Yes, we will get to experience new places and visit friends we wouldn’t otherwise see, but this is a year of real life, lived differently.

We invite you to take this journey with us, to experience the good, bad, and ugly of what we’re about to do, and to learn with us as we try living in a new way. We will be blogging regularly as we go, so be sure to subscribe on our homepage to be notified when we post. You can also follow along on Instagram at @ourfamilyadventures.

Join us as we step forward, charged by excitement and expectation for what we’re about to experience. We can't wait to see what happens.