It's All About Perspective

Wanna hear a funny story?

One day we decided to drive out on the beach. As you can see from the photo, we learned the practical difference between having 4WD and not having 4WD, and it cost my poor husband (and a very generous onlooker!) a couple hours of digging in the sand. Eventually he gave up, we called beach patrol, and they charged us a whopping $20 to pull it out! If only we would have known! 

After all his hard work, he was tired, hot, and hungry! I had brought us a picnic lunch, and while he was washing the sand off himself in the lake, a dog ate the chicken off his salad. 🤣 My favorite part is - he ate it anyway! It was #thatkindofday.

The moral of the story is life is all about perspective. We choose to laugh about it all, and, to be honest, it’s one of the best memories from our travels last summer.